How to Make Multiple Smart Speakers Work Together

Once your speakers are in the same room, choose one of them from the Devices and Echo & Alexa screen (or by choosing the room then the speaker from Devices). Select Stereo Pair / Subwoofer to pick another Echo to pair the speaker with, and a subwoofer if you have one available.

Groups are a little bit different: They can include more than two speakers, and they help you move audio from one room to another. You’ll usually want to name groups after rooms, but you can also have multiple groups of speakers inside the same room, or use other labels (like “upstairs” and “downstairs”).

To create a new group, go to Devices, tap the + icon (top right) and then Combine speakers. You’ll see you can create a stereo pair from here too, and link Echo speakers to a Fire TV, but on this occasion we’ll choose Multi-room music.

Multi-room audio can be configured through the Alexa app.

David Nield via Amazon

Pick the speakers you want to use in the group, then tap Next and give your group a name. This is how the speakers are going to appear inside the Alexa app, and how you’ll refer to them using voice commands—if you’re going to set up a customized name, make sure it’s one that’s easy to speak out.

You can then refer to a group when you’re telling Alexa to play some music, or when picking an audio output in the Alexa app or a compatible app like Spotify. You’ll find groups of Echo speakers work more or less like single Echo speakers when it comes to selected devices and issuing commands to them.

Apple HomePod

The Apple HomePod and HomePod Mini work in a slightly different way to the Amazon and Google speakers. They’ll only work properly with other Apple devices, for example—you can’t control HomePods from an Android phone. Windows can send audio to a HomePod via AirPlay, but your options are limited.

To set up two HomePods as a stereo pair, you need to open the Home app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer and put them in the same room: If you didn’t choose the right room in setup, tap and hold the speaker icon, then choose Settings to change the room. You can only pair two speakers of the same type, so two HomePods or two HomePod Minis.