5 Fall Camping Deals: Tents, Jackets, Fire Pits, and More

We’re less than a week away from the first day of fall. If you’ve only gone camping in the summer (or you’ve never gone camping), now’s the perfect time to pick up chilly-weather gear and discover my favorite camping season. Seriously, fall is the best time to grab a few friends (in your quarantine bubble) or pack the family into a tent in the woods for a weekend. It’s not blisteringly hot and it’s not frigidly cold. We’ve found five last-minute camping deals to make the forest feel like home.

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Camping Gear Deals

Photograph: Amazon

They may not be on sale anymore, but check out our Labor Day camping deals and our Best Camping Gear guide for more recommendations.

  • Solo Stove Ranger for $195 ($75 off): Stay warm around a communal fire and avoid the anxiety of a bonfire by hiking out with a stainless steel wood-burning fire pit. It’ll burn more efficiently than a bonfire too, since its design funnels air to feed the fire. Just take dry twigs sitting on the forest floor and don’t break off fresh branches. WIRED writer Parker Hall recently reviewed the 27-inch Yukon from Solo Stove—this smaller one functions the same way but is much more affordable and portable.

  • Coleman Propane Camping Stove for $44 ($36 off): Coleman camp stoves are classics because they’re rugged and lightweight. This propane version is clean-burning and easy to use. There’s no worry about spilling denatured alcohol or white gas while struggling with a funnel. Reuse and recycle propane canisters though, and pack out the empties.

  • Alps Camp Creek 4 Tent for $150 ($120 off): The Camp Creek 4 is a luxurious tent. With its 7-foot peak height, even the tallest camper will be able to stand up inside. And the 64 square feet of floor space means there’s enough room for four to sleep snugly with room for gear inside, too. An indoor mesh storage shelf keeps small personal items easily accessible.